About us


The Imam Bukhari Humanitarian Society was established in 2023 as a non-governmental organization working in the field of social services and humanitarian relief. The association represents a dedication to the values of cooperation and giving learned from the teachings of Islam and its endeavor to improve the quality of life of needy individuals in our society.

Providing humanitarian assistance

We seek to meet the needs of needy individuals and families by providing food, medical and shelter assistance

Social projects

We implement development and social projects aimed at promoting sustainability and prosperity in society

Some facts

The association is committed to transparency about the use of funds and the impact of projects

“The Imam Bukhari Charitable Society is considered one of the most important bodies that plays a vital role in improving living conditions and supporting communities in need. The Society adopts an effective approach based on the principle of transparency in all aspects of its work, especially with regard to the use of funds and the impact of projects.

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Countries in which we are active


Beneficiary individuals


Donated materials


Our association builds projects with a clear vision towards improving individuals’ lives and providing support

Distributing food supplies to hundreds of families in Afghanistan

The Imam Bukhari Association carried out a noble humanitarian initiative in Afghanistan, where it distributed food chains to hundreds of needy families as part of its efforts to alleviate the suffering of poverty and provide support to the local community.


Working with the Immigration Department in Trabzon

An exceptional meeting was held between the Imam Bukhari Association and the Immigration Department in the city of Trabzon, where the meeting discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the Association and the Department. At the end of the meeting, the Director of the Immigration Department presented a certificate of honor to the President of the Association in appreciation of the wonderful efforts in supporting those in need and contributing to enhancing cultural communication between communities.


Building dozens of containers for those affected by the earthquake

We are proud to provide a specialized and comprehensive food import service that meets the needs of our customers in various global markets. From fresh and canned products to staples and food derivatives.


Distributing a thousand toys to children affected by the earthquake

İmam Buhari Yardım Derneği, Türkiye'de yaşanan depremden etkilenen çocukların yüzünü güldürmek için insani yardım kampanyası başlattı. Kampanya kapsamında doğal afet nedeniyle evini ve eşyalarını kaybeden çocuklara bin adet oyuncak dağıtıldı. Bu girişim, travmatik olaylar sonucunda olumsuz psikolojik etkilere karşı savunmasız kalabilecek çocuklara psikolojik destek ve eğlence sağlamayı amaçlamaktadır.


Distributing hundreds of food baskets to those affected by the earthquake

The Imam Bukhari Charitable Society has made great efforts to provide assistance to those affected by the recent earthquake that struck one of the regions in Turkey. These efforts included distributing hundreds of food baskets to affected families, with each basket containing basic food items including rice, flour, sugar, oil, and other necessary food items.


Building a mosque in Afghanistan

The Imam Bukhari Charitable Society announced the opening of a new mosque as part of its humanitarian project in Afghanistan. This announcement comes in the context of the association’s efforts to promote sustainable development and provide support to local communities. The new mosque can accommodate a large number of worshipers, and includes additional facilities to provide various social services. This project reflects the association's commitment to achieving goodness and progress in areas that need humanitarian and development support

Our advantages

The Imam Bukhari Association is proud of the following features:

Our association inspires change through development projects that achieve a real positive impact.

We are a bridge of mercy and hope, where goodness and charity meet to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Your donation contributes to building strong pillars of society, by supporting social and educational projects.

Thanks to your continued support, we continue to provide humanitarian services effectively and efficiently.

We are a bridge of hope and change, where sincerity and hard work meet to build a better future for society.

The association stands with individuals and society, providing the support they need at every stage of their lives.

Current campaigns

In these campaigns, solidarity between people is embodied as a bridge that unites their hearts and strengthens their bonds

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